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Welcome to “The Waking Dead!”  ZOMBIE – Haunted House - Kandiyohi County Fair Edition.

October 14,15 -20,21,22-28,29,30,31
Open Nightly 6:30pm - 9:30pm in Exhibit Building #2 at the Kandiyohi County Fairgrounds.
$10 donation at the door ($2 off for food shelf item or used eye glasses)


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Zombie Run


Story line:

After a recent Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Corp. a new company based out of Willmar, Minnesota, began their research working with their Mad Scientific team of geniuses.   These scientists were previously employed in Willmar, Minnesota as one of the nation’s leading vaccine companies.  These companies were involved in making products in all of the major animal species.  These vaccines also worked in the Zombie species.  They developed an Anti-serum called GZD.  This drug when administered to the Zombies by shooting dart at them would calm the Zombies down and stop them from attacking people.  The Zombies would do whatever their owner told them to do.  They became domesticated Zombies.  The new type of Zombies are now friendly, humorous and would be helpful to people when cared for properly.  With a numerous Zombie population, it was decided that since the Zombies have “no soul” and are merely “Walking Dead” it was okay to enslave them.  Zombie Corp began to sell Zombies to Americans to do household chores or manual labor jobs.  They soon became affordable for any Americans to purchase.  The store that you would purchase a Domesticated Zombie at was called “Z-Mart.”  Thousands of Z-Mart stores began popping up across America.  Every household was buying their very own Zombie slaves. 

The U.S. Government was investigating the Zombie Corporation, as they did not want another rising up of a Zombie apocalypse.  The Z.T.F. - Zombie Task Force is the government agency that wants to destroy all remaining Zombies protecting citizens from getting infected.  They are responsible for policing the Zombie Corp. and the Z-Mart distribution centers.  Although the GOOD Zombies treated with the GZD appeared safe friendly and even humorous!  It is only a matter of time before things get out of control. 

Are the Domesticated Zombies really safe?   What happens when Zombie Corp. runs out of Zombies?  Will they make more?  How does Zombie Corp. make more Zombies to sell?    

The governmental agency Zombie Task Force – ZTF know that Zombie Corp. plans to infect naïve innocent Americans with the Zombie Virus! They use unsuspecting tour groups (YOU) who come and tour their headquarters at the ZOMBIE Corp. in Willmar, Minnesota.  These tour groups enter for an innocent guided tour and never come out.  The Z.T.F. believes the tour groups are eventually sold as Domesticated Good Zombies at Z-Marts across the world. 

Will the Government stop ZOMBIE Corp.?   The Zombie Task Force – ZTF needs your help to stop the Z-MART and the ZOMBIE Corp.!  

Your mission: 

On behalf of the U.S. government YOU need to act as tour guides and infiltrate the ZOMBIE Corp. headquarters.  You need to steal a sample of the GZ Drug formula.   Be extremely careful.  The U.S. government has been conducting a surveillance of ZOMBIE Corp. for years.  It is rumored that the testing and experimenting that goes on in the company is unorthodox.  Torturing of zombies, humans and even little kids.  They have seen strange apparitions and the building is said to be haunted with all of the strange occurrences that go on there.    

We have also seen that the drug GZ Drug, although it makes the Zombies calm down for years, they eventually mutate and become more aggressive and turn into fast moving, killing machines.  They are no longer resistant to light and are extremely hungry for human flesh and brains.  The only way to destroy them is with this new drug the government is developing ZKD-007 (Zombie Killing Drug).  ZKD-007 needs to be mixed with the GZ Drug to make it effective so it is important that you steal a sample of that supply.  Good luck, you’ll need it! 

If you survive the guided tour of the Zombie Corp. and you get us the GZ Drug and help us make the ZKD-007, Then we need your help.  You can have the option of helping us kill the remaining Zombies. 

Play the ZOMBIE STRIKE (Nurf Dart Game).  We will give you a license to kill with dart capsules of ZKD-007.  Hit as many LIVE ACTUAL Zombies as you can and help us reclaim our country and destroy the Zombie Corporation!


Those entering will experience intense audio and lighting effects, low visibility, fog and damp conditions.  Tou should not enter if you are pregnant, claustrophobic, prone to seizures or have heart or respiratory conditions.

For your safety and the safety of others, you will not be admitted if you appear intoxicated or are wearing any form of temporary cast, medical brace or crutches.

No cameras, camcorders or cell phones allowed inside.
No smoking, drinking, or food allowed inside.
No running, pushing, anywhere on the premise.
No touching the actors or props.
Violators WILL be immediately escorted out without refund!

No refunds for any reason.  Enter at own risk.

Your ticket is a Revocable License and may be taken without admission upon refund of purchase price.  The Ticket Holder, Volunteers including, but not limited to: Workers, Actors, Builders anyone person on the grounds of the “Zombie Corp. - Waking Dead” Haunted House, understands that there is an inherent risk involved by participating in the “Zombie Corp. - Waking Dead” Haunted House or any attraction at this location.

The Ticket Holder, Volunteers including, but not limited to: Workers, Actors, Builders anyone person on the grounds of the “Zombie Corp. - Waking Dead” Haunted House voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with participation; and in consideration and acceptance of participation, agrees to release the property owners, the operator, the Willmar Noon Lions Club, affiliates, officers, directors and employees from any liability, harm, injury, death and expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly for attending “Zombie Corp. - Waking Dead” Haunted House. 

The Willmar Noon Lions reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.




  1. THIS HAUNTED HOUSE contains claustrophobic passages, sudden scares, loud noises, air blasts, scenes of gore and violence, strobe lights, fog and mist, short periods of total darkness, sever and heart-pounding psychological terror and is just ridiculously creepy! 
    We recommended no children under the age of 8, and those under 13 must be escorted by an adult.  We do not check I.D.s, so take responsibility for you own children.
    People with heart, back or breathing problems should enter with caution.
    Late term, expectant mothers should enter with caution.
    People with epilepsy should not enter- as strobe light effects are in use.
  2. This is a No-Contact haunted house.  DO NOT touch the live creatures of the scenery and they will not touch you! –Occasionally actor and guest bump into each other unintentionally.
  3. Video surveillance is in use.
  5. No smoking anywhere on the premise.
  6. No running or pushing anywhere on the Premise.
  7. NEVER use flashlights, cameras, cell phones of open flames of any kind as a light source!
  8. No food of beverages of any kind are permitted inside.
  9. No weapons, alcohol or drugs of any kind are allowed on the premise.
  10. Violators WILL be immediately escorted off the premise without refund.



“The Waking Dead!”  ZOMBIE – Haunted House and ZOMBIE SHOOT